All of our products come from reputable suppliers who follow the necessary guidelines for compliance and regulations. 

The supplement ranges we stock are all manufactured at credited facilities with compliant practices and manufacturing standards. 

Quality is everything to us, which is my we only select the best brands, products and ranges to stock on our store. 

NeuroActive & PrimeSelf:

For additional confidence, we are able to supply COA's (Certificates of Analysis) for the products manufactured under these two brands. If this is something you would like to see, simply create a support ticket with the following information, 

  • Full Name 
  • Product Name
  • Details: "I would like to request the COA for the above mentioned items."
  • BN/EXP: *If you already have the product, please include the BN/EXP on the label so we can supply the COA's & Reports specific to that EXACT product batch you have!*

After-which, our team will request the COA's & appropriate documentation from the suppliers/lab for you!

-Please note, this may take anywhere between 2-5 working days